Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Bless Their Hearts Mom Reviews WHY THE POSSUM HAS A LARGE GRIN

Book Review: Why the Possum has a Large Grin by Johnette Downing

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 Today we have a book review from one of our favorite Artists- Johnette Downing, 
who not only writes childrens books, she sings at many of Kiddo's favorite functions, 
like the Monster Mash and Boo To Do in NOLA. Check out her website for her songs!

Why the Possum has a Large Grin cover

Synopsis: Move over Bre'r Rabbit, there's a new trickster in town! When hungry Deer asks Possum how he stays so plump during the long dry season, the sly marsupial gets an idea. It wouldn't take much for Possum to help Deer; he could just climb that ol' persimmon tree and knock down the fruit. But Possum is just plain lazy and he'd rather trick Deer into doing the work for both of them. Once Possum decides to take advantage of his starving neighbor they both become marked forever.

Review: Kiddo LOVED this book! She loves fables, so I knew this native Choctawlegend would entrance her and it did! She laughed her way through the book, commenting on how 'bad' possum was being, and couldn't wait to get back to school to tell the boys in her class, how deers REALLY got their antlers! I had to laugh at that! Like all of Downing's books, this book is adorable and very kid friendly! This is a great book for boys AND girls, especially those that love wildlife!

About the Author: Johnette Downing is an award-winning, internationally recognized singer and songwriter. Her many accolades include six Parents' Choice Awards, four iParenting Media Awards, and four National Parenting Publication Awards. She wrote and illustrated There Was an Old Lady Who Swallowed Some Bugs, My Aunt Came Back from Louisiane, Why the Crawfish Lives in the Mud, andAmazon Alphabet and is the author of Chef Creole, Down in Louisiana, Why the Oyster Has the Pearl, Today Is Monday in Louisiana, Today Is Monday in Texas, Today Is Monday in New York, and Today Is Monday in Kentucky. Downing lives in New Orleans, Louisiana.

About the Illustrator: Christina Wald specializes in illustration and toy, giftware, and product design. Wald graduated from the
University of Cincinnati, College of Design, Architecture, Art, and Planning with a BS in industrial design. She is the illustrator of Pelican's Annie Jump Cannon, Astronomer. Wald lives in Cincinnati, Ohio. 

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