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Having Fun Saving Reviews READING ROCKS!

Reading Rocks By Johnette Downing

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reading rocks by johnette downing
Reading Rocks By Johnette Downing
I had the opportunity to review the CD Reading Rocks! By Johnette Downing.  I know I have told you guys that I usually prefer to listen to CDs in the car than the radio with the kiddos.  The lyrics in some of the songs on the main stations aren’t always the ones I want the kids singing too.
Plus, Steven has a CD player in his room and he likes to fall asleep to music every night.  I love it – I think it’s an adorable habit :)
Most recently he has been enjoying Reading Rocks!.
It is by Johnette Downing, she is a multi-award-winning New Orleans singer/songwriter, children’s musician, and children’s book author. She gets kids jazzed about reading with her 10th studio CD, Reading Rocks! It is about 49 minutes long and seems to be best for kids ages 2 – 8.
Two years in the making, Reading Rocks! is Johnette Downing’s first album to combine spoken word with music. The CD interweaves readings from five of Johnette’s beloved picture books, including her newest, Why the Possum Has a Large Grin (Pelican Publishing, fall 2012), with eleven lively songs that range in style from bluegrass to rock, as well as finger plays and limericks, all designed to motivate youngsters and reluctant readers to roll into the library and bop into books.  Check out the You Tube video here – it’s really cute :)
With Reading Rocks!, Johnette hopes to get kids up and reading, too!  Where can you find this FUN CD?  Right on!
The very first tip Johnette offers in presentations is, “If you want your child to read, read.” This simple, but true, insight is at the heart of Reading Rocks!

Monday, November 26, 2012

Outnumbered 3 to 1: Reading Rocks - Singing Storytime with Johnette Do...

Check out this great review of READING ROCKS!
Outnumbered 3 to 1: Reading Rocks - Singing Storytime with Johnette Do...: Multi-award-winning New Orleans singer/songwriter, children's musician, and children's book author Johnette Downing gets kids jazzed abo...

Thursday, November 15, 2012

Milk N' Honey Learn and Grow Reviews READING ROCKS!

Reading Rocks by Johnette Downing CD Review

Johnette Downing has a unique ability to combine story with song. She is passionate about reading and sings about it! Johnette's new album "Reading Rocks" is a compilation of stories, songs and fingerplays specifically highlighting reading as the key to helping young ones ignite their imaginations and soar into the land where books are friends. I love how she uses voice inflections for different characters in her stories. The stories are funny and they teach lessons as well. Johnette's New Orleans blues and jazz music along with her friendly voice will endear any reluctant reader to pick up a book and read!

-Milk N Honey Learn and Grow

Le Jouet Reading and Signing

I am reading and signing WHY THE POSSUM HAS A LARGE GRIN today as well as my other books and CDs at Le Jouet on Airline Drive in Metairie, LA today from 4-5. Come by and grin with us!

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KAOS Olympia 89.3 FM

WHY THE CRAWFISH LIVES IN THE MUD aired on KAOS Olympia 89.3 FM Radio in Olympia, Washington. Check it out at: Olympia, Washington!

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Chic N Savvy Reviews READING ROCKS!

I love the mixtures of the music and story time. One track will tell a story and the next will get your kids up and dance. I have never seen or heard a CD with both and my kids and I love it. If they get to wild in the car I just pop that CD in and all is calm.. it’s great!

-Chicnsavvy Reviews