Monday, May 30, 2011

Boredom Buster - Amazon Alphabet

Here is a great review for my AMAZON ALPHABET book from Grandmas Briefs - Books and Boredom Busters!!

Book: Amazon Alphabet by Johnette Downing. This colorful adventure takes kids of all ages from A to Z through the Amazon, introducing familiar folk such as frogs and jaguars, as well as the unfamiliar including the caiman and quetzal. Facts and features accompany each alphabetic selection.

Boredom buster: Zoo time! Many zoos have an Amazon Rainforest feature where kids can enjoy an A-to-Z scavenger hunt of things featured in the book. If your local zoo doesn't have such an exhibit, enjoy an A-to-Z hunt of other animals. If schedules, weather, or budgets nix a zoo visit, use the pictures in the book as inspiration for drawing Amazon animals for creating your own rainforest in your backyard or home.


Here is an advance review of my WHY THE OYSTER HAS THE PEARL book from a man who knows about oysters!!!

“Oysters have fascinated people for centuries with the many stories told about their existence. Johnette’s story has captured the allure of oysters in an imaginative way that will endure a lifetime…”

Al Sunseri, President, P & J Oyster Company, Inc.


Here is a sneak peek at the book cover for my upcoming book illustrated by Bethanne Hill of Birmingham, AL.

Monday, May 23, 2011


Here is the first review for my upcoming children's book WHY THE OYSTER HAS THE PEARL:

“Like a Greek myth, Johnette Downing’s charming tale highlights the dangers of greed and the rewards of generosity.” - George Rodrigue, Painter

Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Johnette Downing Performs on STEPPIN OUT, WYES TV

Here is the link to my performance on

Steppin' Out, WYES TV New Orleans, with Peggy Scott Laborde on April 29, 2011.

Boudreaux Likes to Read Johnette's Books!

Check out what Boudreaux, the mascot for the Zephyrs Baseball team in New Orleans, LA likes to read...WHY THE CRAWFISH LIVES IN THE MUD by yours truly!! Boudreaux, you have good taste in books, yeah you right!

Boudreaux was caught reading. How about you?

Get Caught Reading - May 5

On May 5, the Louisiana State Museum in Baton Rouge and New Orleans will host 400 second grade students in Get Caught Reading, a statewide celebration of the joys of recreational reading. In Baton Rouge, the volunteer readers will include Lt. Governor Jay Dardenne and Louisiana authors Dee Scallan and Claire Bateman. Boudreaux T. Nutria, the Zephyr mascot, and the Hornet Bookmobile will make special appearances at the New Orleans program. To volunteer as a reader or to donate books for the event, please contact the Louisiana State Museum Education Department. Registration for the program is required. New Orleans contact number: 504-568-7056. Baton Rouge contact number: 225-342-5428.