Thursday, September 9, 2010

Monday in New York Poll Results

The results of the TODAY IS MONDAY IN NEW YORK book poll show, in order of number of votes:

NY Cheese Cake
Nathan's Hot Dogs
Pastrami on rye
NY Pizza
Bagels and lox
Waldorf salad

...and a tie for #7

Buffalo wings
Manhattan clam chowder

The actual foods selected for the book are:

Apples (the state fruit)
Buffalo wings
Pastrami on rye
Nathan's hot dogs
NY Pizza
NY Cheese cake
Bagels and lox

There you have it. Come and eat it up!!

Tour Dates -September 2010

September 17 at 11:00, Family Friendly Fridays Concert Series, National Jazz Park Visitors Center, 916 N St. Peter, New Orleans, LA
September 17 at 12:00-1:00, Book Signing, Tisket A Tasket Book Shop, Decatur, New Orleans, LA
September 19-30, Educator Workshop Tour, San Jose, Costa Rica

Mailbox - Letters from Friends and Fans

"I received my copy of There Was an Old Lady Who Swallowed a Bug, and it is wonderful. The text is bright and lively and has just the right twist at the end to delight children. The illustrations are magical and so innovative. I wish you all good luck and I can just hear you performing the work. My hope is that some day I get to hear you in person."

all best wishes always,
Darrell Bourque
Louisiana Poet Laureate

Wednesday, September 8, 2010


Just picked up my new books from Pelican Publishing yesterday and they look great!! Thanks to the Pelican Publishing team for making my books so awesome!

My new book is now available to purchase in my website Store at


Store Window of the Week!

I am happy to announce that J Kids in Canal Place, New Orleans, LA has the good taste of putting my book in their store window earning them the title of STORE WINDOW OF THE WEEK! This photo was taken by New Orleans photographer Thom Bennett of, earning him the title of SPY OF THE WEEK!! Thanks to both J Kids and Thom for having great taste and a keen eye!

Who will be the next Store Window of the Week and Spy of the Week??? If you put my books in your store window or if you take a photo of my books in a store window, you could be featured here as well.

Game on!