Tuesday, October 2, 2012

As They Grow Up Reviews "Reading Rocks!"

Reading Rocks! by Johnette Downing #WIN

Sunday, September 30, 2012
Reading is COOL!  We are a family of readers.  I encourage my kids to read in their spare time as well as require it with their school work.  Both of my big boys read six books in September.  I was hoping for 10 but six is good!  The album Reading Rocks! by Johnette Downing features a mix of songs and stories.  While the theme is reading there are a few songs like Today is Monday in New York that are not about reading (Loved this song!). 


Two years in the making, ReadingRocks! is Johnette Downing's first album to combine spoken word with music. The CD interweaves readings from five of Johnette's beloved picture books, including her newest, Why the Possum Has a Large Grin (Pelican Publishing, fall 2012), with eleven lively songs that range in style from bluegrass to rock, as well as finger plays and limericks, all designed to motivate youngsters and reluctant readers to roll into the library and bop into books.

  1. Reading Rocks!
  2. Open a Book Finger Play
  3. Today is Monday in Kentucky
  4. Why the Oyster Has the Pearl
  5. Oyster Limerick
  6. R*E*A*D
  7. Story Time
  8. The Colors of the Sky
  9. Why the Crawfish Lives in the Mud
  10. Reach Every Achievement Desired
  11. There Once Was a Boy Named Cary
  12. Read to Me
  13. Principal's Desk
  14. Why the Possum Has a Large Grin
  15. Readers are Leaders
  16. Today is Monday in New York
  17. Do-do (Sleep) My Child
Be sure to visit Johnette Downing's website for additional information!

My Thoughts:

I loved the flow of this CD.  Perfect for the car rides because the stories are a nice break in the music.  Do-do (Sleep) My Child is a beautiful lullaby.  While the title implies this cd is all about rock it is really has a more laid back mellow feel.  The songs have a bit of a southern vibe which I really loved. This CD is a wonderful addition to my music library ~ I'm loving sharing songs that encourage a love of reading with my kids.

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