Monday, October 5, 2009

Kirkus Digs Why the Crawfish Lives in the Mud!

Downing, Johnette


Illus. by the author

In this original pourquoi tale, hungry Crawfish spies the fish that Crab has just caught for his dinner. Wily Crawfish convinces Crab that the fish is much too small for him, goading him into relinquishing his catch into Crawfish’s clutches and scuttling further down the bayou in search of a bigger challenge. Contrary to Crawfish’s story, Crab finds no big fish in the bayou. He threatens to throw Crawfish into the mud, and Crawfish protests so much that it seems this is heading straight into Br’er Rabbit territory. It turns out Crawfish’s protests are genuine, though. As he tries to back away from Crab he accidentally digs a tunnel in the mud and falls into it, where he will live from now on. A serviceable trickster tale jazzed up with Cajun French phrases defined both in the text and in a glossary.... (Crawfish Fun Facts) (Picture book. 4-8)

-Kirkus Reviews

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