Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Mailbox - Letters from Fans and Friends

"I have most of your cds and my 1st graders and I listen to them. My favorite cd is From the Gumbo Pot. And even though we have only been in school 17 days, we have listened to it a few times. My 1st graders absolutely love your song "Mosquitoes" much so that they break out spontaneously in song during class. It will start with gentle humming, then a buzzing, a chanting of "Mosquitoes". clapping, and finally giggling. I chuckle everytime they do this, and thought you might enjoy a story about kids who enjoy your music. We are going to try to book you for later in the school year!"

Laura Leinhardt
1st grade teacher
Marrero Academy

Thanks Laura for sharing this great story and for sharing my music with your students. I look forward to performing at your school soon! Teachers ROCK!

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