Thursday, April 23, 2009

Reader Views: By Kids for Kids

This review appeared in Reader Views: By Kids for Kids

Reviewed by Grayce Richardson (age 5) for Reader Views (4/09): 

“Chef Creole is a cook man. Oooh, boudin! I liked his nose. I want some of those ingredients and I 

liked it when they said his name is Chef Creole, Creole, Creole. I think I would add to this book 

pickles for his cheeks. He’s missing ears.” 

Parent’s Note: 

Grayce really enjoyed the repetition in this book and the idea of ingredients making the Chef’s face. 

It’s nicely written with a New Orlean’s flavor and feel. At the end, I might suggest adding a recipe 

from the Chef’s kitchen that a child could make. Overall, “Chef Creole” by Johnette Downing is a 

fun book and one Grayce likes to read.

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