Sunday, April 19, 2009

Just One

Here is another cute thing a child said to me that I just had to share with you. I had a reading and book signing for my Chef Creole book last night at the Barnes & Noble in Harvey, LA. Since my books are songs, I sang the book. During the song, there was a little three year old boy in the front row dancing up a storm. After the reading/singing, I signed books. After patiently standing in line for quite some time, the three year old dancer made it to my table. I commented on this fabulous dancing and he just blushed. His parents had purchased one of my books and he gave it to me to sign. I asked the little boy, "Can you spell your name for me?" He proceeded to spell his name very slowly like a three year old would; L......a........n........d........o..........n.  I patiently waited for him to spell his name and I wrote each letter down as he recited it to me. I then said, "So, I am going to write To Landon." Landon immediately corrected me, "No, I'm just one." 

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