Sunday, July 4, 2010

Spring 2011 release of TODAY IS MONDAY IN NEW YORK

Children's Book Release - slated for Spring 2011

Come and eat it up! Pelican Publishing Company is proud to announce the upcoming spring 2011 release of TODAY IS MONDAY IN NEW YORK written by multi-award winning children's book author and musician Johnette Downing and illustrated by award winning illustrator Deborah Ousley Kadair. The book, the third in a series, takes children through a culinary calendar describing a delicious New York dish for each day of the week. From Buffalo wings to Nathan's hot dogs, this yummy book will tempt the taste buds of young readers.

To celebrate the book release, Johnette Downing and Deborah Kadair will be giving author/illustrator visits and book signings throughout New York. To request an author/illustrator visit in spring 2011, please fill out the request form at: To preorder books, contact Joseph Billingsley, Sales Manager, Pelican Publishing Company,

Dig in to fun with a heaping spoonful of New York culinary tradition!

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