Sunday, June 28, 2009

Just Plain Folks Award Nominations

I just learned from my friend Monty Harper that my Clamshell Clap song has been nominated for Song of the Year and my Fins and Grins CD has been nominated for Album of the Year from the great people at Just Plain Folks. Check out the nominations at


Stevie said...

We saw you preform Fins & Grins in VA Beach in Dec. 2006 when our son was only 1. You elicited his very first clapping!! The CD is still in #1 position in the cd player. We just listened to it today by request! Hope you get up north again to perform - we'd love to see you! CONGRATS!

johnettemusic said...

Thanks Stevie for sharing this story! How exciting to have elicited your sons first clapping! Wow! I often perform in NC and VA so I hope to see you soon! Sign up for my email newsletter which will send you my schedule each month.