Thursday, May 7, 2009

Mailbox - Letters from Friends and Fans

Hi Johnette,

My name is Angie C. I am a 3rd grade teacher at Zachary Elementary School. We enjoyed your visit so much. I purchased some of your books (two that I didn't have already) and couldn't wait to try them out with my 3rd graders. Yes, I said 3rd graders. Even 9 year olds LOVE them. During iLEAP testing (standardized state testing) week, we try to create a relaxed and non stressful environment. This is where your books came in. We first read My Aunt Came Back. I gave the kids Louisiana cut outs, and I printed pictures of the different gifts that "my aunt" brought back. When I got to each city, students had to paste the gift in the location of that city on the LA cutout. They loved it! We extended it to include what their aunt would bring back if she visited Zachary.

We also read Chef Creole and created him. What's so amazing about this is that I let the students have free range to create him. We did not use templates. So, although each one looks almost the same, there are no two chefs alike in my room. The students worked hard, and loved creating him.

I have enclosed pictures of our work that I've put on display on a bulletin board in my classroom. Just like the title of the board says, you truly did inspire us!

Thank you,
Angie C
3rd grade teacher
Zachary Elementary School

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