Saturday, March 7, 2009

On Tour in the Middle East - Oman

Well, I'm in the Middle East again and having a great time. I just finished my tour in Oman. It was my first visit to the country and I was so impressed with the beauty and warm hospitality.  I stayed in Muscat and conducted workshops for educators in Sohar and Nizwa.  Dedicated teachers traveled from all over the country  (Batinah North, Dhahairah, Buraimi, Musandam, Batinah South, Dakliyah, Sharqiyah South, Sarqiyah North and Wusta) to attend my workshops and they were eager to learn techniques for using music as a teaching tool in the classroom. They even taught me a song or two (many thanks)! 

Many ladies made delicious homemade dishes such as halwa (the official dessert of Oman) to delight our taste buds and I was treated to some tourist treasures such as the Al Hoota Cave. The cave is home to the eight-eyed spider found only in the that cave. Luckily, the eight-eyed spider didn't have his eyes on me or me on him, but I did see some local bats hanging around. 

My hosts Walter and Michelle went above and beyond to make my tour enjoyable and successful. Michelle gave me many Omani gifts including a book of folk tales that she assures me will make my hair stand on end! I hope to return to Oman again soon, Inshallah, and want to thank everyone who made my tour so enjoyable. Shokran!

Next stop, Bahrain!

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