Saturday, April 26, 2008

Dixieland Jazz for Children Wins a Parents' Choice Award

Dixieland Jazz for Children CD just won the prestigious Parents’ Choice Award! Yeah! Here is the review and link:

Johnette Downing and Jimmy LaRocca bring the history and fun of Dixieland Jazz to a younger audience. Accompanied by the Original Dixieland Band, Downing and LaRocca play predominantly original compositions in the traditional Dixieland style. LaRocca's voice is wonderfully raspy sounding, while Downing's clear bell of a voice snakes in and out of the rhythm and improvises nicely with the horn section. The CD serves to educate children about Dixieland music, it's songs, instruments and themes, which it does with aplomb. With fun original tunes such as "Alligator Snap, " "Rocking Seahorse," "I've Got Happy Feet" (a standout) and "Throw Me Something Mister," kids will enjoy the good time feeling, while learning a little something about this traditional New Orleans based music.

-Lahri Bond ©2008 Parents' Choice

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