Saturday, February 2, 2008

Bay Area Tour a Big Success!

I have just returned from my tour of the San Francisco Bay area. I had performances in schools and libraries in Millbrae, Santa Clara, Petaluma, Foster City and Los Altos. I had a great time singing and dancing with children and their parents and educators.

I also had a chance to visit Monterey, Carmel and Point Lobos as a tourist with my friend and fellow musician. The vistas were stunning. The Monterey Aquarium was amazing as well. I was so inspired by the living kelp forest in the Aquarium that I wrote a song and several poems about it. Here is one of the poems I wrote:

kelp forest
the ocean

Immediately after my performances, I was booked for another tour in the Bay Area in July, 2008. So, I'll be seeing my Bay Area fans again real soon!

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