Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Fins and Grins on the Grammy Ballot!

My latest CD titled "Fins and Grins" is on the 50th Annual Grammy Awards first ballot!!! My CD is up for Best Musical Album for Children. Votes on this first ballot determine which CDs will be Grammy Nominees. Votes on the second Grammy Nominee ballot will determine which CD is a Grammy winner.

If you are a NARAS voting member, please vote for my CD. Here are the details:

Field 18 Children's
Category 77
Best Musical Album for Children
Johnette Downing
027. Fins and Grins

All you have to do is BELIEVE....and vote!


Anonymous said...

Wow! Such exciting news - we hope you win!!!

David Crowder, HHS Class of 1980 said...


Congratulations on making the first Grammy ballot! Good luck!